Treatment policy


Prevent serious dental disease with
” MIBYO dental(未病歯科)”.

You’ll regret it if you don’t know! The new common sense of health, ‘MIBYO(未病)’.

What is ‘MIBYO(未病)’?

In Oriental medicine, there is a condition where despite undergoing examinations, no abnormalities are found, and thus it is not diagnosed as an illness, yet it cannot be considered healthy either. This is referred to as “MIBYO(未病).” This often refers to a state where it is predicted that if left untreated, it may develop into an illness.

reference source “goo Dictionary(未病)”, source “Digital Daijisen” (published by Shogakukan)

The term ” MIBYO(未病)” originally carries a negative connotation. However, in today’s rapidly aging society, ” MIBYO(未病)” is undergoing a transformation into a new concept of health. It is changing into positive language that refers to efforts to confront the pre-illness stage.

Our clinic advocates for the concept of “MIBYOSHIKA (MIBYO dental)” and promotes dental treatment at the pre-illness stage.

Before this happens…

Starting treatment after falling ill can be a difficult process. Since it’s not possible to restore teeth that have already deteriorated, it often leads to intense regret.

Also,dental health is closely linked to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Get regular dental checkups

So,We hope to convey to everyone the importance of taking measures from the stage of pre-illness through our treatment policy at this clinic.

Let’s learn about the importance of
” SHIKANARE(歯科慣れ)”

Our clinic aims for a future with zero dental phobia through stress-free dental treatment.

“My child is afraid of the dentist.”
“Even as an adult, I still dislike going to the dentist.”

Many people, regardless of age or gender, may have such concerns. The reason why people find dentists frightening is often because dental treatments are often associated with pain. Some may have experienced dental treatments during childhood, leading to trauma.

However, please consider this. The root cause of fundamental pain arises from diseases such as cavities and periodontal disease, and it is not something that occurs as a result of treatment.

If you are healthy, you may not need to have your teeth filed, and you won’t have to endure painful experiences if you can maintain that state. Therefore, our clinic recommends fostering dental familiarity from childhood. In Japan, there has long been a concept of overcoming fear through “NARE(慣れ)=getting used to” something. Based on this approach, our goal is to help people become accustomed to “SHIKA(歯科)=dental treatments”.

Let’s go through the procedure for ” SHIKANARE(歯科慣れ)” using a 1.5-year-old child as a model.


First visit to Bell Dental Clinic. Please come to our clinic with your child.


Let’s have your child sit in the dental unit. Our clinic staff will not force anything.


If your child has taken a seat in the unit, let’s try talking to the doctors. We will do our best to fulfill children’s requests such as ‘I want to touch the tools.

It’s very simple, just repeat this process. Some children show changes after 2 to 3 clinic visits.

Make hospital visits a daily routine


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